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VLC Bleep

Now you can watch any Hollywood movie with your family without worrying to skip socially inappropriate scenes.

Meet VLC Bleep. An extension of the classic VLC player written to address this very issue.

Its the alpha version of VLC Bleep that makes your movie watching experience a less embarrassing by skipping and muting parts of your movie, you think, shouldn't be played. It even censors the subtitle file using a dictionary of more than 300 words and phrases.

All you have to do is to get a copy of your favorite movie, play it using VLC Bleep and load the censor file for that specific movie and start watching the movie. At the core of the player is your favorite VLC player, so most of your keyboard shortcuts will work just as expected and you don't need to worry about file compatibility.

The application is also equipped with an in-built graphical tool to let you create your own censor files.
VLC Bleep.rar VLC Bleep.rar
Size : 177.314 Kb
Type : rar


It is digital version of classic board game, "Karorepati"; (Urdu version of the famous, "Monopoly")


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Duplicate File Finder

There may be a lot of copiese of individul files on the hard drive, to get the hard disk space occupied by the copies, we must delete these files. This tiny application find such files in any desired folder and provides you with two oppurtunities:


1: Delete the copies (File located in the smallest root is left untouhed).

2: Replace the copies with the shortcuts to the original file; it routes all the duplicates to a single file and delete the copies.


Duplicate File Finder.rar Duplicate File Finder.rar
Size : 25.84 Kb
Type : rar

Hard Disk Watch Tower

Find it messy to clean up hard drive for old/unncessary data? Hard Disk Watch Tower can reduce your burden. Once run, it generates an index of all the files and folders in your target directory; shows file size info in a very efficient manner; after some days, when it's run again, it will reproduce the index that was stored previously so that you can easily track down the directories in which massive data changes have took place.


Hard Disk Traffic Watch Tower V2.rar Hard Disk Traffic Watch Tower V2.rar
Size : 42.846 Kb
Type : rar

Read for Me

Another text to speech software. Simply, copy some text from the screen to cllipboard and this software will read it for you!



Read for me.rar Read for me.rar
Size : 14.137 Kb
Type : rar

Fraps Helper

Fraps Helper is used with well known software, "Fraps". (

Fraps helper can help fraps manage its screen shots and video capture files by automatically arranging them into folders.


Fraps Helper 2.rar Fraps Helper 2.rar
Size : 76.206 Kb
Type : rar
Fraps Helper.rar Fraps Helper.rar
Size : 75.991 Kb
Type : rar
IMPORTENT NOTES -- Fraps Helper.txt IMPORTENT NOTES -- Fraps Helper.txt
Size : 0.506 Kb
Type : txt


Windows 7/XP Professional

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5


Picture 2 Text

Inspired from the technique used to build up tiny pictures from text symbols, I've developed an application to Convert any picture into text with a lot of customization. "Text Pictures" of size ranging from 100 to 10000 Characters can be be generated with this application. Give it a try and amaze your friend by updating a unique status on facebook. !!


Picture2Text.rar Picture2Text.rar
Size : 9287.288 Kb
Type : rar



Farmville Clicker 2011

This is what happens when an engineer starts playing Farmville by Zynga.

The easiest helper application for "Zynga Farmville". Without cheats, it clicks on screen to do plowing, harvesting and seeding. It can also be used for custom purpose; Buying hundreds of heybails to boost XP and don't do the click for each buy! Give it a try. Its free and always will be . . .



Farmville Clicker Farmville Clicker
Size : 201.001 Kb
Type : zip
Farnville Clicker Help.txt Farnville Clicker Help.txt
Size : 1.246 Kb
Type : txt
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